Mission Statement

The Mission of Resa Treatment Center is to provide highly effective and accessible substance abuse and mental health treatment, support and related services, restoring hope and improving the quality of life for the persons served, their families and our communities.

Our Approach

Resa Treatment Center is an Intensive Outpatient(IOP)/Outpatient provider of behavioral and mental health substance abuse treatment services.
Intensive Outpatient Services provide group based, non-residential, intensive, structured interventions consisting primarily of counseling and education about substance abuse related and co-occurring mental health problems. Services are goal oriented interactions with an individual counselor or in group/family settings. This community based service allows the individual to apply skills in “real world” environments thus giving them the necessary “tools” in order to stay sober. Such treatment may be offered during the day, before or after work or school, in the evening or on a weekend. The services follow a defined set of policies and procedures and clinical protocols which are regulated by The New Jersey Department of Human Services, and implemented by Master’s level trained clinicians. The services also provide a coordinated set of individualized treatment services to persons who are able to function in a school, work, and home environment, but are in need of treatment services beyond traditional outpatient programs. Treatment may appropriately be used to transition persons from higher levels of care or may be provided for persons at risk of being admitted to higher levels of care.
The outpatient level of care offers the same level of services as Intensive Outpatient only on at a decreased frequency. Those clients will be assessed monthly in order to ensure they are being provided with the proper level of care.
Traditionally, the IOP/Outpatient level of treatment does not include primary health care services, however; Resa Treatment Center believes that by treating the mind, body and spirit, and by integrating primary health care services into the behavioral health model, we can offer a higher quality of care, as well as a more efficient continuum of care to our clients.

Resa Treatment Center has the ability to coordinate primary health care services for its clients, in turn, fulfilling our approach of treating the mind, body and spirit.

How We Differ

Resa Treatment Center not only provides clients with the highest quality behavioral health care services, but it also has the ability to coordinate primary health care services, in turn, fulfilling our approach of treating the mind, body and spirit. Here at Resa, we believe in a holistic approach which nurtures every facet of this disease. We provide clients with the necessary tools to not only to get clean and sober, but to stay clean and sober. Resa is unique in the fact that it provides our clients with the highest quality primary health care services in conjunction with our behavioral health model. This allows our clients the ability to address any health issues which might have otherwise hindered the process of recovery.