Program Phases

Both our Intensive Outpatient as well as our Outpatient programs consist of three phases. As clients transition through each phase they learn and experience how to stay clean and sober. With each phase a new hope begins to blossom. The purpose of this process is to allow clients a slow transition back into their everyday lives, with the knowledge and tools necessary to live a healthy and productive life.

What We Treat

Here at Resa, we treat Substance Abuse Disorders including alcohol and drug abuse dependence, as well as mental health disorders including mood disorders such as major depression and bipolar disorder. We treat clients suffering from anxiety disorders such as post-traumatic stress syndrome, panic disorder and social anxiety disorders. We also have the capacity to treat co-occurring disorders, which are individuals who have substance abuse disorders as well as mental health disorders. These individuals can be diagnosed as having co-occurring disorders, or dual disorders.

Treatment Approach

Here at Resa, we believe in a holistic approach with a focus on the mind, body and spirit. We provide clients with the necessary tools not only to get clean and sober, but to stay clean and sober. Resa is unique in the fact that it provides our clients with the highest quality primary health care services in conjunction with our behavioral health model. This allows our clients the ability to address any health issues which might have otherwise hindered their ability to enter recovery.

We treat all of our clients with the dignity and respect they deserve

Drawing upon industry recognized best practices, the experienced and compassionate staff of Resa Treatment Center provides structured outpatient substance abuse treatment services for adults in a facility located in Keansburg, New Jersey, which is accredited and appropriately licensed.  Adults and adolescent individuals are served at this community-based Outpatient Program.

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You have the power to say, “this is not how my story will end”

We only employ Masters level trained Clinicians who are proficient in diagnosing and treating clients with Substance Use Disorders, Mental Health Disorders and Co-Occurring Disorders. They are passionate and committed to making individualized treatment plans for clients based on their needs.

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If you or someone you love may be suffering with addiction and you’re not sure where to turn get in touch with Resa Treatment Center